I’m Stevie and I’m a writercomedian, actor, voiceover artist and I co-host the comedy self help podcast Nobody Panic with Tessa Coates and Might Delete Later with my sister Gina Martin, where we look at guest's best and worst social media posts. 

I've now joined Twitch and run a weekly show on Thursdays at 8pm (watch highlights from past episodes here)



I’m managed by Avalon for writing and performing comedy, have done two critically acclaimed Edinburgh Fringe shows and regularly pop up on TV and radio - check out my Avalon page for updated credits, reviews and other things that I can’t write because my arse goes inside my own arse. Contact my manager Julien Matthews if you want me to write comedy or be in something. 



I haven't been gigging over lockdown but head to my Twitch for a weekly comedy show I run called The Book Club, where me and a guest make up a book and chat about it. Check out past episode highlights on YouTube or join in live every Thursday at 8pm on Twitch (I also do some other impromptu comedy stuff on there too, have a look at the schedule).

I've also been putting out sketches on Twitter with comedian/actor Lola-Rose Maxwell which have amassed nearly a million views so far. 

17 DEC  

The Night Of Nights @ The Bill Murray



26 JAN  

Work in Progress (Half Hour w. Kat Bond) @ Pleasance



1 FEB  

Work in Progress (Half Hour w. Ciaran Dowd) @ Pleasance



17 DEC  

The Night Of Nights @ The Bill Murray




I'm a freelance writer, published in Elle, Stylist, Shortlist, Emerald Street, Cosmopolitan, The Guardian, The Times, Grazia, YOU, FHM, Vice, Refinery29, Broadly and loads more. I'm also a social media editor and consultant. Find me on Twitter. For intense stalking, find me on Instagram

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Produced by Plosive and hosted by Acast, I co-host Nobody Panic which acts as a guidebook to being a functioning adult without screaming all the time.  Subscribe here



I pop up in some things that I haven’t written. Sometimes I do an accent. Get in touch with my manager Julien at Avalon and here’s an updated list of what I’ve been up to lately.



I am currently the voice of American Express, UberEats, Clover and a load more; Sue Terry manages my voicebox so check out my voicereel and more info on their website

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